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Welcome to BadmintonStamps. We're Philabuster and SkinnySlim, representing Philly and NYC respectively. We are very good looking. Thanks.

BadmintonStamps and WXPN 88.5 are teaming up to bring you an evening of, in our humble opinion, absolute rock 'n roll nirvana. Stand in awe and bear witness as some of our favorite young tunesmiths take center stage at Philly's own World Cafe Live. We've put together a showcase to end all showcases. The Sun, The Harlem Shakes, and The Picture, all returning from highly-anticipated SXSW Festival appearances in the dirty south, all surely riding atop hype waves of proportions not seen since microfiche first promised to forever replace microfilm.

...Yeah, you read that correctly. THAT'S how big a deal this show is.

Just 5 + 1 bucks for this gargantuan helping of rockage? We're BadmintonStamps, baby. It's how we do.

Advance tickets now available on-line & at the World Cafe Live ticket counter.

The Sun have been on a short list of bands to watch ever since their debut EP Love & Death (produced and engineered by Wilco-ster Jay Walter Bennett) dropped in '03. Their tremendous potential was finally realized on last year's thrilling full-length Blame It On The Youth, supported by a marathon of live dates across the US and a turn hosting the MTV2 program Subterranean. Be warned: the band courageously continues to perform what we here at BadmintonStamps consider one of the greatest rock songs of all time, "Carry It All", despite the grave physical risk of simply rocking too hard that it poses to themselves and others.

Download: The Sun - "Valentine"
Download: The Sun - "My Girlfriend's Best Friend"
Download: The Sun - "Romantic Death"
Download: The Sun - "Carry It All"

Whether they're opening for The Fiery Furnaces or getting interviewed by Gothamist, The Harlem Shakes always come correct. Having never played Philly before, they were ultimately lured into this showcase by Badmintonstamps' fantastical tales of crowds that dance, girls that put out, and bars that have the decency to close at 2:00 AM. Their 4-track demo EP was one of the single best things to happen last year, and anybody who tells you otherwise is feedin' you some straight-up jive.

Download: The Harlem Shakes - "A Night"
Download: The Harlem Shakes - "Josh Studies"
Download: The Harlem Shakes - "Eighteen"

Seriously, The Picture does this Cure meets Jesus & Mary Chain stizz like nobody ever dreamed possible. Their most recent triumphs include playing with Editors in one of the most buzzed-about, blogged-about shows in the history of New York, as well as releasing a debut album, Connect, that's already received airplay across the country, including right here in Philly on WXPN.

Download: The Picture - "Sellout"
Download: The Picture - "Blind Side"
Download: The Picture - "Rise"

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