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Welcome to BadmintonStamps. We're Philabuster and SkinnySlim, representing Philly and NYC respectively. We are very good looking. Thanks.

September 30, 2005

Concerts Past, Present, And Future

I was completely blown away by Polysics. I mean, I had high expectations for these guys, but they were surpassed in virtually every way. I've compared them to The Hives before from a musical standpoint, but the parallels were carried over to an even greater extent in their live performance. They promised they'd be returning to the US soon, and I can't stress enough how badly you need to see them when they do.

Diamond Nights Tonight, don't forget to check out Diamond Nights at the Khyber for a measly $8. Prepare yourself by streaming the new album, Popsicle, right here. Rick Springfield probably doesn't know it, but he's the inspiration behind one of the best live acts to hit Philly all month. Another thing Rick Springfield doesn't know: how to call it a career.

Saturday brings you one more chance to catch hometown heroes The Spinto Band. They're playing the Manhattan Room, along with several other local acts, as part of yet another highly anticipated Plain Parade event. $7 gets you in. It's only a matter of time before these guys are selling out the TLA, so I strongly recommend catching 'em now.

The Friday Freakout's Off To The Races

Sleep soundly while you can, Alex Kapranos. Enjoy your last few days of blissful ignorance, The Go! Team. 'Cause next Tuesday, your shit is either gonna fly off the shelves or hit the fan. Yes, October 4th looks to be a major crossroads for a number of music-making thoroughbreds. Franz Ferdinand and Broken Social Scene each release their new albums to the public. The Go Team! finally sees its excellent debut get a proper US Release, as do The Magic Numbers. Top it all off with the very long awaited, newly emancipated Extraordinary Machine from Fiona Apple, and we're talkin' some seriously stiff competition for your surplus CD dollars. When the sales figures are all figured and the Billboard chart published, will Franz crack the top 10? Will Fiona regain widespread cultural relevance? Will BSS's Dave Newfeld be feelin' fine, or feelin' like this happenned again? The pressure's on, 'Stampers. One thing's for sure: 'Stamps favorites The Zutons probably don't give a damn.

BadmintonStamps Answers

What would Devin do? This. Reader Aaron "Pony" Child writes in to ask: "I'm having trouble stroking my hoes. Any tips?" Well A-Pone, let's look at one of my favorite raunchy songs and the wisdom of Devin The Dude: "There's a certain way to stroke the hoes; take her on a vacation...Poconos." Mr. Dude understands that there's nothing like a Pennsylvanian ski resort to really make a ho respect you. That and money and probably some fancy hats. Everyone's favorite Poconos resort is beautiful Mount Airy Lodge, where, if you were near an east coast TV in the 1980's, you know that "all you have to bring is your love of everything." Unfortunately the Lodge shut down its heart shaped jacuzzis and champagne bathtubs for good a few years back. But hey, Mount Airy is a state of mind. So come on, 'Stampers, bring your love, and your ho, down to the local bathtub and pretend it's shaped like a large flute glass. Devin would.

September 29, 2005

What's Land Mine Is Yours

PC Loadletter? You probably thought you were pretty clever when you discovered that a straw and some balled-up tissue could be transformed into an instrument of arial assault in the classroom or office. You were wrong. Because somebody much more clever than you (or maybe just way more bored) has taken office supply armament to a whole new and disturbing level. Witness the Micro-Claymore, a supply-room killer whose deviousness is exceeded only by its absurdity. Suffice to say, if you're rollin' around the cubicle with one of these things, you've gotta be pretty gangsta'. Also pretty gangsta': The Geto Boys, a group with so much hood chutzpah that they're apparently gonna take a Dre-like five more years to finish work on their next album (BadmintonStamps has already pre-ordered our copy). And if you got a problem with that, why don't you just go cry into your shiv paperclip holder, sucka.

September 28, 2005

Goodnight and Good Luck

SkinnySlim, 2nd row far right I'll be jettin' off to a log cabin in the hills to do some top secret work for a couple days. I'm sure Philabuster will hold it down here on his own while I vacation from the 'Stamps. I've sent him a great track to put up on Friday, and I'll see you next week. And yes, it's been only three months and this is already our second Go-Go's post.

It's All About The Bens, Baby

As previously noted, one of our favorite columns on the net is Slate's Keeping Tabs. It's everything you need to know about the world of entertainment gossip, presented with a snide 'tude we love so much. What you might not know is that the 'Stamps-approved writer of that column, Dr. Ben, Esq., is also a bit of a music junkie. He recently edited this New York Magazine item about the Arcade Fire's Win Butler and his formative days at the fancy-pants Exeter Academy (duct tape ties!). And while I know there's no "Jamin" in Ben, that's no excuse not to take it back to the Puff Daddy era.

You Could Hear It So Much Sooner

The Original In our modern age of consumer righteousness, "try before you buy" is a mantra that's approaching psuedo-religious proportions. Taking that spirit and running with it, Franz Ferdinand is giving you a plethora of opportunities to hear, fall in love with, and then totally get over their new album before it ever hits stores October 4th. If you want to stream it from the place where the all hype began, check out NME. If you're the type who prefers domestic streams,'s got it as well. Finally, there are people like me, who prefer to be good n' fucked up when we listen to our rock and roll. If you fit this bill, check out the album release party that may be going on at a city near you (scroll down in the news section for the list of events). The Philly party will be this Friday night at Tattooed Mom's on 5th and South Street (thanks to 'Stamper Maria for the heads up).

September 27, 2005

Polysics Invade Your Home Prefecture

"Japanese animation, Hello Kitty, samurais, ninjas, and Sushi are really popular right now! Here's a wild recipe that's super easy to make and super fun to eat as a light and fruity snack!"

$10, 7PM Doors
Trocadero Balcony Bar

Download: Polysics - "XCT"

The White Stripes Are Lookin' For Home

Weevil's wovvle but they don't fall down Here at the Stamps we like to get all "silly" or even "ridiculous" with our posts. But I'm going dry today, because lord knows there aint nothing funny about The White Stripes. In my humblest of opinions, they're the best rock band out there, and they proved me right at their sold out show in Coney Island's Keyspan Park. While the outdoor setting meant less intensity in the air, the concert was as great as great can be. The set list was strong, the sound thick and juicy, and Jack White's guitar/ukulele/xylophone/piano playing was absolutely ridiculous, and I do not mean silly. As usual the Stripes closed with the traditional blues song "Bo Weevil". Here's a live recording featuring a cackling Mr. White, along with Brook Benton's "silky smooth" hit version of that song. Both are highly recommended.

September 26, 2005

Hittin' The Links

Tomorrow night, Philebrity is screening the fancy pants endorsed and critically acclaimed Bob Dylan documentary No Direction Home, directed by Martin Scorsese, upstairs at the Khyber. As with all upstairs events, this one is free, with $1 PBR / $2 Sparks 'till 11. The film starts at 9:00 sharp, with DJ sets following.

Can't remember if that new Boz Scaggs album is coming out this Tuesday or next? Hate using Google to find the answer? Industry maven Coolfer is offering to do all the hard work for you. Sign up for his new e-mail list to recieve alerts on every week's new releases. On Monday, no less. That's a full 24 hours advance warning.

Nick Sylvester gets laid, decides he likes Art Brut.

Fancy Pants Report

Allow The 'Stamps to lift you over the high walls of even higher society. This is how we do, we Badminton.

BORING I got my tux on and rolled deep to the New York Film Festival Opening Night Gala. The featured flick was George Clooney's pretty excellent Good Night, And Good Luck. From there, I jaunted over to the swanky Tavern on the Green afterparty, cause, as Trick says, "You gotta understand, SkinnySlim love the kids." Celeb sightings included Alan Cumming, Frances McDormand, the dog, and the always cool David Byrne. Very fancy pants indeed, until my thirty-seventh scotch caused a violent case of hiccups. I escaped amidst the mocking guffaw of Sophia Copplla, stole a Central Park police horse, and rode 'er back to the abode. Oh how I pined for the world's best hiccup cure: sugar on my tongue. Here's Mr. Byrne's original and Trick Daddy's fun/ridiculous remake.

September 23, 2005

The Friday Freakout's Lost Its Head

BORING Let's just admit it. Portraits are boring. The standard Olan Mills "watch the birdie" shot looks as old and lifeless these days as the man it's named after. Thank goodness somebody is stepping up and making the studio portrait photo an adventurous and compelling artistic medium once again. It's a series of simple innovations, really. First, replace the part of the picture where the person's head would normally be with the head of your favorite pet. For an even more subtle improvement, let's forgo the standard chunky sweater and put these anthropomorphic wonders in full military regalia. The results speak for themselves. Fido and Whiskers have never looked more dignified, let me tell you, though I'm not sure I can say the same for the Douglas Fir. While you ponder where the deciduous' extreme makeover may have gone wrong, please enjoy rocking out to this rare gem of Pixies-flavored pop from The Wrens' hard-to-find sophomore album, Secaucus.

Deep As The English Channel

Part of Philabuster's week-long series tentatively titled "Face Off" (a.k.a.: "I Hear London, I Hear France").

In my time on this planet, one thing I've been taught over and over is that people are, for the most part, complex and multi-faceted creatures, and that it takes quite a while before you can say you truly understand somebody. All that applies to normal people, I thought, but surely not to supermodels. They were the exception to the rule, the small portion of humanity that read like an open book, their inner thoughts, secret desires, and deepest ambitions all plainly displayed on their vacant expressions. Or somewhere on their cleavage. In fact, even these women have insight to share and wisdom to pass on. Carol Alt, for example, reminds us how important it is to trust your gut instincts. "If I'm making a movie and get hungry," she stresses, "I call time-out and eat some crackers." Wise words indeed. She's like a miniature Buddha covered in 80's hair.

Please, Just Call Me Hip

Grover Washington Jr. The best website in the world is

The funkiest jazz track used as a hip hop break (DJ Jazzy Jeff, Salt N Peppa, DJ Premier, etc.) is "Mister Magic".

September 22, 2005

And You Thought Perot Was Entertaining...

Part of Philabuster's week-long series tentatively titled "Face Off" (a.k.a.: "Posting Two Songs With The Same Title By Different Artists").

A vote for me is a vote for fine champagnya In perhaps one of the most criminally under-reported twists of the 2008 Presidential race, Christopher Walken has declared himself a contender. Republicans initially challenged the move when it was discovered that the mandatory list of signatures endorsing his candidacy included "Mr. Goodbar" and "Baby Ruth", but the road now seems clear, and Mr. Walken has taken the initiative by publishing a platform which details his stance on all the major issues. The man's pro-choice, in favor of stem cell research, and is especially committed to ending the war in Iraq. "My own experieces playing a Vietnam vet and Nazi test tube baby have left me with very strong feelings on this subject," noted Walken. "Also, I really like Skittles."

BadmintonStamps: The Best A Blog Can Get

Of course, we graciously accept The awards keep coming for the 'Stamps. This time, the Philadelphia Weekly blog report crowns our battle rap against the Central Village Idiot "the best blog post ever". I must say that Mr. D-Mac has excellent taste in both websites and beef.

September 21, 2005

Juicebox: Think It Rocks?

The Strokes The new Strokes single. I like it. Pitchfork doesn't. What do you all think, 'Stampers? C'mon, let's get a big ol' comment fight up in this piece.

This song rocks. I love it like a fat kid loves Cool Ranch Doritos

I Wonder If The Bar At Water Rats Has Pabst

Part of Philabuster's week-long series tentatively titled "Face Off" (a.k.a.: "Second Verse, Same As The First"). Finisterre

Last night, Philabuster wandered over to the Khyber's second floor to catch a screening of Finnisterre, organized by fellow Anglophile and superb blogger Philebrity. The movie is a stunning love letter to the overlooked and underapprecaited facets of foggy old London town, and is soundtracked beautifully by Saint Etienne's album of the same name. So it's no wonder your double dose of download today is evocative of a flowing Thames and a clanging Big Ben and all that other stuff which, until Philabuster saves up enough money to move there, is for the moment out of reach. The first cut is a hyper-emotive Britpop ballad from Haven that succeeds in its excess. The second is a doleful mope of a song from Lowgold, one of my all-time favorite Brit bands. The band, now all but broken up after an extremely promising stretch a few years back, had a knack for writing simply the most depressing music I've ever heard. I mean, these guys are fookin' SAD. Even their t-shirts were depressing. But there's something so perfect and elegant about their musical melancholy, I can't help being awed - smiling even - when I hear it.

T Rex Is For Real, Goshdamnitt!

As previously noted, SkinnySlim is a diehard Yankee fan and Philabuster reps the Red Sox. With less than two weeks left in the regular season, the Sox are a Johnny Damon whisker ahead of the Yanks, so the tension between the 'Stampers is heating up. One of the more recent baseball traditions allows players to choose which song is played over the P.A. system before they bat. It adds personality to the proceedings hearing Jorge Posada walk out to "Gasolina", Jeter to "Magic Stick", Hideki Matsui to "Immigrant Song", or John Flaherty to traditional bagpipes(!). Naturally, I've imagined which song I would blast as I sauntered into the batter's box. While I would change selections often (unlike A-rod's questionable season-long use of Linkin Park/Jay-Z's "Encore"), as the playoff race heats up, I'll take the opening riffs of this scorcher.

FYI: Former Red Sox Carl Everett doesn't believe in dinosaurs. "You can't say there were dinosaurs when you never saw them. Someone actually saw Adam and Eve. No one ever saw a Tyrannosaurus Rex."

For a long time, he also didn't believe in cave men. Then we replaced him with Johnny Damon (who incidentally, if you're familiar with his appearance, is the owner of some very thick whiskers, Mr. Slim).

September 20, 2005

Fancy Pants Report: Like A Greasy Stroke

Paulina Being a famous New York socialite means I am occasionally called upon to attend swanky events. Last night my presence was required at the premiere of Martin Scorsese's No Direction Home, a documentary about the early life of Bob Dylan. Even though Mr. Zimmerman was absent, there were rockstars aplenty. Tom Waits snorted Goobers with Patti Smith in one corner, Ric Ocasek poured hot popcorn butter over model-wife Paulina Porizkova in the other. This place was so crowded with rock luminaries that Little Stevie Van Zandt was the bathroom attendant. Shortly after the ceremonial "ripping of the clothes" by the four Strokes in attendance , the movie began. No Direction Home is an excellent film featuring candid interviews with Dylan, as well as some eye-opening footage (my favorite is him playing Like A Rolling Stone "fucking loud") It airs next week on the PBS; please check it out. Following this thorough rocking, I sauntered to the after party and drank into the wee hours of the evening (aka 11:30pm). Oh how I love that nightlife, baby.

The Federal Prison System That Loves You Back

Part of Philabuster's week-long series tentatively titled "Face Off" (a.k.a.: "Redundancy Is the Hobgoblin of Simple Blogs"). Hip Hop Honey

In case you haven't heard, Philadelphia just got a new resident. Well, for a year and a day, anyway. Yes, Kimberly Jones, aka Lil Kim, will be serving out her sentence for perjury in the Keystone State's largest city, and darned if we're not proud as punch. Guess that "Philly's more fun when you sleep over" campaign is working, huh? But don't worry, Lil, 'cause a year goes by like whoa, and you'll be savoring the greasy, truck stop-y taste of freedom again in no time. Until then, just behave yourself, watch out for this guy, and consider these two little numbers your very special care package from the 'Stamps. One's a familair tune from last month's covers playlist, the other's a nugget of post-Slowdive alt-country sugar from Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell. It's like a cake, but without a shank baked inside.

September 19, 2005

Dude, "Brain Damage" Totally Syncs With "If I Only Had A Brain"

The Emmys were last night, and although I have no idea and I'm not going to look it up, I'm sure Everybody Loves Raymond won some award it didn't deserve. Little known fact: the best sitcom with Raymond in the title was actually "Where's Raymond?", the short lived program starring the cantankerous Ray Bolger, aka The Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. Every show incorporated a weak story line that somehow led to a Bolger dance number. It was kind of like how these posts have some weak concept that always connects to a song in a very tenuous way. Anyway, here's one of my favorite tracks from Beck's overlooked Guero.

Download: Beck - "Scarecrow"

I Think We Even Took Their Lunch Money

Part of Philabuster's week-long series tentatively titled "Face Off" (a.k.a.: "Same Name, Different Game").

Like the Philadelphia Eagles, I really needed somebody to wake me up yesterday. Granted, the Eagles needed somebody to wake them up before the game (thanks, Derek Smith...wait...who are you again?), while I needed somebody to wake me up after the first half, when it was already quite apparent that the 49ers just might allow 49 points. By the time Neck Beard was marching us down the field like John Elway, the excitement had long since faded (though apparently not for all of us - NSFW) into a satisfied lethargy. Nonetheless, while I doubt either of these songs will see the inside of a Linc locker room, the birds would do well to listen up and stay alert when Moss and company visit next week. 'Cause this city just ain't gonna tolerate complacence, ya hear?

Also, Philly folks, don't forget to check out Hot Chip tonight at the church basement. If you need any more hype than what we've already posted here, check out my show preview at Phillyist, which for some reason doesn't credit me at all.

September 16, 2005

Friday Ffffclassic: The Young Canadians

Last night, I picked myself up from my sickly bed and trudged through the humidity to watch the Arcade Fire burn it up at Summerstage. Between being inundated with the all-male knitting circle to my left and saving the life of a passed-out girl to my right, I managed to vomit only three times during the set (sorry Robin Williams!) As rumored, the encore featured David Bowie, looking like a shiny plastic toy. The crowd went crazygonuts and the band kinda looked like I did right before the second time I threw up on Patch Adams, but I can understand, cause you know, playing with your heroes must put you under a lot of pressure.

Tom Vek + Free Beer = Making Time Friday Night

Tom Vek London garage-rock-post-punk-electro-multi-instrumental sensation Tom Vek will be doing one of only six US shows tonight at Pure as the special guest of Making Time. The cover is $10, with free PBR and Sparks from 9 - 11. Once everybody's nice and lubricated, the Vekster'll take the stage around midnight (don't let the flyers fool you, the bands NEVER go on at 11). I'm a little underwhelmed with the stuff I've heard so far, but with all the hype he's recieving over here I'm curious enough to check this show out and give him a chance live. That, plus I'm quite certain I can drink more than $10 worth of Pabst in two hours. Quite certain.

Making Time w/ Tom Vek @ Pure
1221 St. James St (between Walnut & Locust and 12th & 13th)
$10, 9 PM - 3:30 AM
Free PBR & Sparks 9-11

Movie Round-Up: Just Like Hell

Just Like Heaven: ...Except you have to watch that chick from Sweet Home Alabama, you can't bang the angels, and there's no bottomless bowl of fruit.
Thumbsucker: Based on the book about an attractive 17 year old with an oral fixation. Indie movie, so the kid's a dude.
Everything is Illuminated: I'll wait for the novelization.
Proof: I really hope that Gwen's hot ass mommy, Blythe Danner, gets it on with Chris Martin's smart-ass daddy, Thom Yorke.
Corspe Bride: The Nightmare After Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

If The Friday Freakout Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

I think that's Feist on the far right... It's been said that too many cooks spoil the broth. Maybe that's true when you're makin' Gazpacho or some fancy-pants bisque. But when it comes to a big noisy bowl of Rock Soup (which I hear is great for the stomach flu), the more the merrier, 'Stampers. It's really a testament to Broken Social Scene that they can write something as beautifully delicate and thoughtful as "Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl", and then turn around and bust out some big-time Friday Freakout gold. How so many musicians consistently find ways to complement one another rather than step on each other's toes, I'll never know. But the results are staggering. The shouting vocals, the hammering percussion, the surging cacophony of dissonant sounds that for some reason sounds like the sweetest, brightest major chords you've ever heard. Forget the pinch of salt. This epic indie-pop masterpiece is ready to be plated and served HOT.

September 15, 2005

I'm So Sick Of The Stomach Flu, The Stomach Flu

Very ill today, the 'ol stomach flu has fucked me up. That means lots of apple sauce and chicken soup, and no clever posts or hot chips. But I have found the strength to bring a favorite modern rock song from Sparklehorse's 1999 album Good Morning Spider. Mark Linkous (who is Sparklehorse) had a near death experience before recording, but came back stronger than ever. Here's hoping my own "near-death" illness will have me bouncing back strong next week. Now excuse me while I vomit.

Hang in there, 'Slim. Remember, it could be worse. You could have Flep.

September 14, 2005

You Mess With Badminton, You Get The Stamps

It's what's for bloggers BadmintonStamps has been doing extremely well. Our readership has surged, and we now recieve an average of ten hate emails a week. As we've grown, we've reached out to other music sites, often with great results. Everyone we've encountered has been friendly and encouraging. Except young Jeffery Baum's Central Village site. A very dry look at modern indie rock, Baum's blog held particular interest to SkinnySlim because he was born and raised, and currently resides, in the self-same Village. We sent him a very warm email congragulating him on his site and telling him about the 'Stamps. And then this punk has the nerve to not respond. We mean nothing, not even a "Hey, thanks for the email, good luck". At first, we held out hope that something tragic had happened to him, but he immediately went on blogging about Death Cab for Cutie and the high price of Ticketmaster service fees.

There was obviously only one means of recourse. We teamed up with some rappers and cut the first ever blog diss track. Hey, kid didn't return our email and we're the baddest boys in the blogosphere. The results speak for themselves. Verses were dropped, history made, and a blog career destroyed. Enjoy BadminstonStamps foray into the world of beef.

For more info, please visit

September 13, 2005

Hot Chip Today, Hot Shit Tomorrow

We're taking it easy to prepare for some big news tomorrow, so be on the lookout. Until then I hope this post finds you well...

BadmintonStamps loves us some Hot Chip. While their debut album is no masterpiece, it is loaded with promise, and contains some of the most artistic and soulful white boy tracks you'll ever have the pleasure to shake your booty to. Their steez can initially seems difficult and minimalist, but the music is actually very rich, and expertly arranged and performed. This epic song was a live highlight when the 'Stamps saw them this past Spring.

Please check them out when they play five thousand times in the next week:

New York
Northsix on Thursday. It's cool cause it's a DFA showcase! (tickets)
The Tribeca Grand on Friday. It's free! (rsvp subject "All Wrong meets FIXED Party" to
The Hiro Ballroom on Sunday. It's for Resfest! (tickets)
Northsix again next Tuesday. With Four Tet! (tickets)

First Unitarian Church next Monday. With Four Tet! In Philly! (tickets)

And for another sweet hunk of Hot Chip, check out the very first song I ever posted on this site, right here.

September 12, 2005

Reggae Is A Gentleman That Will Go On To Win Accolades And Date Models

He knows Jah Here at BadmintonStamps, we obsess about our statistics like this guy. We've noticed that my reggae posts are by far the least popular. In a world where bands that sound like they're gay in 1982 London are the captains of the football team, classic reggae is getting pummeled by spitballs in the cafeteria, picked last for the kickball game, and left to pine for the cheerleader who claims all she wants is a nice boy who'll treat her right (situations us indie-rockers should be quite familiar with). Unfortunately, too may think of this music as Bob Marley anthem stuff, which is more akin to U2 than Pavement. But it's the revival, rocksteady, and early roots movements of the late 60's and early 70's, with low-fi audio quality and fractured vocals, that should really grab you fellow 'Stampers. The first song is a classic from the highly recommended Studio One Rockers set, and the second is a beauty from one of my favorite bands, and can be found the very chill Studio One Roots record.

I Stream, You Stream...

Elbow - Leaders of the Free World NME has the new album from Elbow, Leaders Of The Free World, in their featured audio section. This band always gets lumped in with Coldplay and Doves, I think unfairly. Yeah, there's some falsetto every once in a while, but the mood and texture of both Guy Garvey's vocals and band's instrumentatation strike me as paying major respect to Peter Gabriel. I wonder if anyone's ever suggested they cover "Sledgehammer"...

Check out the new Stellastarr* album, Harmonies For The Hanted, over at The last album was a grower, and I expect this one to be as well. My opinion after two listens: strong first half, not so strong second half. I wish they'd given Amanda Tannen more backing vocals, since they really made the first album sparkle.

Scenestars is currently streaming the new self-titled album from Brooklyn's Cloud Room. Honestly, I can't keep up with all these "Cloud" bands. Cloud Room, Cloud Cult, Cloudhead. It's the same thing now with all the "Wolf" bands. C'mon people, let's make use of the full array of nouns available to us, k?

September 9, 2005

Indie Outfitters? Free Saturday Show

Herbin' Outfitters Saturday afternoon, the Urban Outfitters on 18th & Walnut will play host to Giant Drag and the UK's The Noisettes, with DJ sets from Dave P mixed in. Cocainesexjammers will recall Giant Drag from last month's Making Time party, while The Noisettes are slated to open for Bloc Party later that on that evening at the Electric Factory. The event starts at noon and runs 'till 5:00 PM, and the bands will take the stage at 2:00 and 3:00, respectively. You can use the time in between sets to pick up that new $25 knock-off Bloc Party t-shirt you've been eyeing.

Actually In This Case, It Is My Fuckin' Forte

Prince Metternich I was in a noise band in high school called The Metternich System. It was basically the best band of all time. One of our most popular songs was "Ain't My Fuckin' Forte", which consisted of me yelling "It ain't my fuckin' forte" a lot. The subject of the song was always a hotly contested debate, but it definitely wasn't "RAPPING" because I can rap. When it comes to rapping, I should be your go to guy. I will rap about anything from Sam, to green eggs and ham, to girls with big yams who like to drink Hawaiian punch out of cans. And remember, while I can rap with the best, I aint' no rapper. Rappers carry guns, bloggaz carry knives.

Ticketmaster vs The Friday Freakout

Edvard Munch probably had many Friday Freakouts of his own As 'Stamper Maria points out in her comments, we loyal Franz fans face an uphill battle tomorrow, and I'm laying out my morning regimen accordingly. Up with the sun at 6:31, shower, then straight into my pre-mouse warm up routine, stretching and strengthening my right index finger in anticipation of the on-line frenzy (click, scroll, reload, click, scroll, reload). Reboot the ol' compy to make sure I'm working with a clean slate when Ticketmaster windows start popping up like California brush fires. Then gas up the generator, so an unexpected 10:03 blackout will only be a threat to my neighbor's gallon of 2%. Toss in a few "Serenity Now"s, and I just might make it through this thing in one piece. Still, I can't help feeling a little tense. Will a slick slab of garage rock from Canadian Tangiers help me exercise my pre-sale angst? It's worth a shot.

Movie Round-Up

The Unfinished Life: Redford/J-Lo vehicle. After this debacle, more like "The Finished Careers".
The Man: The Bomb.
Curandero: "A journey takes one man into the bowels of black magic in Mexico City." Hey man, you can't go to Mexico City without your bowels being filled with black magic.
Keane: Extremely well reviewed art flick, obviously about gay British rock.
The Exorcism of Emily Rose: "In an extremely rare decision, the Catholic Church officially recognized the demonic possession of a 19 year-old college freshman." Yeah, I was there. It happened that time in college when we dared our boy Aaron to drink the bong water.

Hip Hop Round-Up: Rappers Bitch, Toni Collette Keeps It Hip Hop

We all know Common is a bitch, but a racist bitch? He recently spoke out against black men in dreads dating white women. Three British emcees have dropped a diss track claiming that Mr. Sense is a "racist bitch" and that the "future" will indeed be "mixed".

Oh, that Fiddy! Mr. Cent is lashing out at the hand that feeds him, criticizing Dr. Dre for mishandling The Game beef. Poor baby, Fiddy's sad about making millions off his rap wars.

Remember last week when we told you The Game would sign your recent purchase of his album in attempt to sabatoge G-unit rival Tony Yayo's disc? Well, it didn't work too well, but you can listen to The Game himself giving this public service announcement ("g-u-not!").

Not hip hop but... Actress Toni Collette realized her new Coldplay album was "crap", and tossed the cd to another driver at a stoplight. Now, if she had that sixth sense she would have known Chris Martin is a windbag.

Working faster than the Federal Government (not saying much), Mos Def has recorded an anti-Bush and anti-Bono (?!?) Katrina song, and you can listen to rock band TV On The Radio's excellent anti-Bush Katrina song here.

Franz Philly Tickets And B-Side Playlist

Attention, Philly Franz Fanz. Tickets for the Oct. 14th show at the Tower Theater go on sale Saturday at 10 AM. In light of this 'Stamper's excitement for the show, not to mention the forthcoming album, I've posted a new playlist featuring nothing but Franz b-sides. Many casual fans probably aren't aware of just how solid a body of work the Glaswegians have produced up to this point. Virtually all of the non-album tracks and re-workings sparkle with the same artistry and attention to detail that made "Take Me Out" a global phenomenon, but remain under-appreciated simply because they didn't quite fit into the scheme of a cohesive album (a trend which, rumors indicate, may continue with the new record as well). When you hear them all together, however, it's pretty obvious that these cuts aren't just filler to help pad a single's sales. At their best, b-sides are supposed to show off the unique talents of a band in new and challenging ways, ones that can't always be explored within the tight confines of a single LP, and Franz clearly know how to take advantage when the opportunity for creative freedom is presented to them.

September 8, 2005

Fader And Jay-Z Heart Limeys, Call SkinnySlim A Real Minger

Lady Sovereign Teenage grime sensation Lady Sovereign, the (back) face of Fader Magazine's August issue, is being wooed into a lucrative American contract by C-to-the-EO Jay-Z himself. In a meeting of -OV's early last month, HOV laid out all the benfits that SOV could expect if she chose to sign on the dotted line, and also introduced her to some of the label's other major figures, including Usher and LA Reid. When asked if he thought the panel's pitch was successful, Usher enthusiatically responded "Yea-ah", then did a back flip and a full twenty seconds of the A-Town Stomp. This tune, the Lady's next UK single, seems more suited to the Rockaway, but I'm sure Adidas will be pleased as punch no matter how people choose to get down.

Limeys Are Herbs

Philabuster posts way too much British modern rock, it is driving me crazy. But when you can't beat him, and trust me Stampers, you can't (dude's 5' 10", 172lbs wet - just look the other way, okay?), you join him.

The Philebrity Weekender: It's Like CMJ, But Not

click for details

Click the image for a full schedule of events.

September 7, 2005

Wednesday Links: iPromise No More Tech News This Week

All it needs is ringback tones... Unemployed silhouettes everywhere rejoiced as Apple announced its latest set of gizmos at a higly anticipated press conference this afternoon. Along with an updated version of the iPod Mini called the iPod Nano, CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the long-awaited iPhone, which packs iTunes software and iPod Shuffle storage capacity onto a Motorola wireless camera phone.

Don't hold your breath for an autograph. When Gorillaz finally get around to touring, they're going to do it holographically. A label spokesman says the technology won't be ready until 2007, just in time to cross-promote Gorillaz: The Video Game.

Coolfer waxes philosophical on the forthcoming DVD album from 'Stamps favorites The Sun. Will it sell? Will people be confused about what they're purchasing? Is it a subtle reflection of classism on Warner's part? And what does Pete Doherty think about all this?

Desperate 'Stampers

Some blogs go, "So I watched this television show last night and this happened". I'm like "Hey, thanks for filling me in, 'cause I really care about your summary of an already-aired fictional show that millions of people saw". Unfortunately they don't take me seriously and think I'm just being sly. Reggae dub and drum king pooh-bah Sly Dunbar and his band of Revolutionaries had songs such as "Cocaine", "Black Ash", "Collie", "Herb", "Burn Pipe", and "Acapulco Gold". And there ain't much sly about that.

I Predict A Quiet Riot

Odds, shmodds... As many as several dozen people may have lost their fortunes at the OTB last night, when the UK's prestigious Mercury Prize was awarded to Antony and The Johnsons for their album I Am A Bird Now instead of the 4:1 oddsmaker favorites Kaiser Chiefs. And all those lost pounds, pence, quid, and other forms of British currency are just the tip of the controversy iceberg. The only reason Antony Hegarty and his band were allowed to enter the competition at all is because the singer, who moved to New York at age 12, was born in Chichester. Me thinks Mr. Hegarty just earned a place along side Diego Maradona in the hearts of our friends across the pond. Best be careful which dark alley you walk down late at night, Antony, 'cause I hear Peanut can mess up your face Odd Job-style with his Pork Pie hat.

Philly Tonight: Free Music And Free Open Bar

Courtesy of Philadelphia Weekly

Alo Brasil plays a free set in Rittenhouse Square tonight from 7-9. Free booze follows at Commerce Square on 20th & Market.

September 6, 2005

After You've Gone

Louis Armstrong "Louis Armstrong was born on July 4th, 1901 in one of the poorest sections of New Orleans." Here's a sweet and unfortunately melancholy way to ease out of the summer season.

The BBC has an article covering the flooding's effect on jazz history in New Orleans. Listen to more Louis here, and Goldenfiddle has a download from New Orleans great Professor Longhair.

Philabuster: A Jack Of Many Blogs

Phillyist In case the 'Stamps posse ain't already providing you with enough musical 411, you can head on over to Phillyist, where your very own Philabuster, (aka: Vin Varstin) has gone all calander-style on your unsuspecting selves. I'll also be tossin' up more in-depth show previews/reviews for the Philadelphia Gothamist in the coming days, so stay tuned.

BadmintonStamps: Dances With Pavement

Peace Pipe (Read in dry British accent) This post is the final installment of SkinnySlim's series "Musical Classroom: The Studio" where he elequently compares a song's original demo to the proper album version.

The 'Stamps was recently subjected to the Native American baiting comedy of Fred Armesian. Sure it was offensive, but even worse it was disgustingly unfunny (see pictures here). If there were any Santa Ana Pueblo people in attendence, they were understanbly angry, because even after smoking on a peace pipe, this shit was awful. As an indie rock offering of truce, I bring you these two Pavement tracks. The lyric-less, harmony laced demo is from the Crooked Rain sessions, but the final, soaring version didn't appear until Wowee Zowee. If you like Pavement/Malkmus/Indie Rock, please go out and buy the underappreciated Zowee, even if you already own it.

September 5, 2005

Labor Day Links

Kan-troversial We can all agree that Kanye West is an arrogant, untalented musical hack. But what do you all make of his comments during NBC's Hurricane Katrina benefit? If you haven't seen it yet, take a gander (.wmv or .mov)

Local boys Dr. Dog go from Rittenhouse Square to Trafalgar Square like it ain't nothin'. The five-piece hauls their Easy Beat across the pond for a set of UK concerts and some NME love before starting out on a nationwide US tour later this month in support of Architecture In Helsinki.

Is this review positive? Negative? I really can't tell. Give the award for "Most Ambiguous Pitchfork Review Ever" to Mr. David Raposa for this uninspiring (and long overdue) piece on Friday Freakout poster boys Hard-Fi.

Atop the already present Live Arts and Fringe Festival frenzy, the always industrious Philebrity puts on their own little CMJ, The Philebrity Weekender, starting this Thursday at venues across the city. Local acts set to perform include Capitol Years, A-Sides, Plastic Little, and Mad Action.

September 2, 2005

Silk City Spinto Stizz

The Spinto Band The pride of Deleware, also known as The Spinto Band, will be taking a break from thier tour of major news networks to play a set this evening at The Silk City Lounge. Show starts at 10 PM, and $5 gets you through the doors, so shamble on over after your First Friday art binge. For those of you who missed it the first time around, here's a personal fave from the Wilmington posse.

We Only Have The Budget For One Friday Freakout

Flavor There are potentially seven or eight songs on the debut album from Hard-Fi that are good enough to be considered for the Friday Freakout. This is but one reason among many why it will certainly have a place in my top ten at year's end. But, when all's said and done, there's only room for one weekend anthem. The penultimate cut on Stars of CCTV finds the band walking down a path others have traveled, but following it farther than others have dared. Working for the weekend? That's putting it too mildly. What if work sucks? Hard-Fi adds the extra charge of dissatisfaction and desperation that Loverboy was just too damned optimistic to include back in 1981, and churn out a number more pressing and urgent than the rush towards the bar at last call.

Movie Round-Up: Not Enough Hot Chicks

On Friday, Badminton rounds up news items like we the sheriff and they the usual suspects.

The Sound of Thunder: If thunder strikes but no one is in the theater, does it make a sound?
The Constant Gardener: SPOILER ALERT: The hydrangeas die at the end.
Underclassmen: It's kind of like Tommy Lee Goes To College except Nick Cannon plays a "streetwise" cop instead of a rock star and it sucks.
The Transporter 2: Twice the action, twice the fun, twice the suitcase delivery plot lines.

Since you've been so good all week, and since I'm having difficulty loading the songs for today's "In the Classroom" post, here's my favorite hottt r+b/hip hop track from the past few months, featuring great work by Lil Wayne.

Philabuster swore off transportation movies back in 1987, ever since the huge disappointment that was Trains, Planes & Automobiles.

Look At Us! We Formed A Blog!

Y'all know that Philabuster and SkinnlySlim hold it down gangsta-style when it comes to posting the hottest tracks and music info. What you might not know is that, when it comes to designing web sites, we're like a basket of puppies placed in the middle of a busy intersection - cute but helpless. Fortunately, Philabuster's little brother is a frackin' genius with all this interweb computronic nonsense, and your daily musical enlightenment by our hands is pretty much entirely possible because of him. If you're interested in paying him to do stuff, just send a message to the "webmaster" (he makes us call him that, even in public). His biznass goes by the moniker "J-Struct", and you best trust he'll come correct.

TicketsIn a story totally unrelated except for the title of the song below, Art Brut is doing some shows in the US. Tickets for their November 11th performance at Northsix just went on sale. No Philly show announced yet, but keep your fingers crossed.

Hip Hop Round-Up: Kayne Did Not Approve This Article

Flavor Black Teeny-Bopper Shopping Mall Street: "The following is an email sent to you by an administrator of ''. Any1 who buys The Game's cd titled the documentary instead on tony yayo's cd (yall know the name of it I don't)...can send in the cd insert and...the game will autograph your cd insert and we will mail it back." Ohmigawd! The Game is going to sign my liner notes, hopefully in the blood of dead G-Unit members! Just don't tell him I bought the Yayo CD anyway.

Kayne Is A Herb News: Kanye appeared on 106 & Park, and basically broke into tears while expressing his feelings about a quote in Time Magazine that said that he used to "leave meetings crying." This pussifying quote has led Kanye to state his new policy - to approve all articles about him before they run. Unfortunately it hasn't led to the policy of him growing a ball sac.

George Castanzizzle: Pro-marijuana advocate Jason Alexander, a man who glorifies the West Side "Crip" lifestyle, who once stood trial for murder, and who had a civil rape suit against him recently dropped, has unexpectedly signed on to be a GM spokesman. At the same time, however, he is suing a GM car dealership for $2 Million for using his likeness in an ad. Man, it's hard out here for a Traveling Secretary.

See, I don't think he's a hired spokesman for GM. I think he may actually be a secretary now...

September 1, 2005

CBGB's Is For Hippies And Old People

Flavor I wasn't interested in CBGB's rally to save their historic bathroom or whatever, even though I live only blocks away. But as I searched for internet porn, I heard the strains of surprise guest Public Enemy. Running as fast as I could, echoes of "Fight the Power" in the background, I arrived at Washington Square Park as Chuck D. and the rest of the band walked off. But Flavor Flav, like the Caucasian NYU students staring back at him, wanted more. They wanted to hear a song about how emergency response teams in the 1980s were notoriously slow in arriving to African American neighborhoods. Flav pleaded with Stevie van Zandt, "Let me do 911. I can't do 911?". But Stevie's working for the man and blah, blah, blah, permits, blah, blah and the next thing you now the concert's over. That's where the BadmintonStamps Request Brigade comes in, giving you what CBGB's only teases you with. Flavor, take it away.

I Hate People When They're Not Polite

qu'est que c'est Sorry, polyphonic Beethoven ringtone. Move over, text messaging! Verizon's comin' back at ya with the latest in cell phone innovation/irritation: The Ringback Tone. That's right, now you can give your friends and loved ones the exhilarating sensation of being put on hold before you even answer the phone. The roster of artists available for phonification includes Wilco, Ambulance Ltd, The Coral, Hot Hot Heat, and (reassuringly) not Radiohead. You can also personalize different songs for different callers. That means your friends can hear Dokken's "Dream Warriors", while Grandma gets serenaded by Kasabian's "Club Foot". I despise this concept, and will cringe the first time I'm on the receiving end. If society bullies me into one, however, I'm gonna have to go with this classic Talking Heads cut, just to send a message.

PJ Harvey Is A Sexy Firecracker

PJ Harvey (Read in dry British accent) This post is part of SkinnySlim's week-long series "Musical Classroom: The Studio" where he elequently compares a song's original demo to the proper album version.

PJ's a little angry here, and for good reason. When her album Rid of Me appeared in early 1993, many fans complained about the abrasiveness of Steve Albini's recording. Partly to appease these "pussy biatches", Miss Harvey put out her not exactly sweet sounding 4-track demos of the sessions only a few months later. Little did they know that Polly Jean can throw a violent shit fit even without a fancy-pants soundboard.

And I Link To Myself, What A Wonderful World

Franz Ferdinand have released the video for their new single, "Do You Want To", and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bob the bassist's facial expressions are limited to "innocently confused" and "confusedly innocent". See for yourself: .wma or .mov

Pete Doherty has launched a new website, named after a slang term for crack cocaine, which promises to bring its subscribers all the latest exclusive Pete Doherty news. Current features find him sleeping, staring off into the distance, and mumbling incoherently. Eat your heart out, Gaurdian!

Jason Molina, lead singer of Magnolia Electric Co., gets p-fork props for his generosity at the church basement two weeks ago, when he whipped out a cool hundred to buy the audience water. Yeah, that's nice and all, but Pete Doherty probably would've bought us crack.

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