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August 31, 2005

Do The Charity Thing

Visit the Network for Good for a list of orginizations aiding in the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.


Neither spoon nor fork (Read in dry British accent) This post is part of SkinnySlim's week-long series "Musical Classroom: The Studio" where he elequently compares a song's original demo to the proper album version.

Spoons are pretty much good for nothing except soup, ice cream, cereal, and percussion. It disgusts me that people eat delicious desserts like cake or pie with a spoon. Oh why, poor souls, do you choose to put all that metal in your mouth when the millennium-old fork is available? At least one thing Spoon(s) are good for is rhythmic indie rock. Soulful vocals, a smoothed out vamp, and dub-influenced production make the final version of Spoon's "Was It You" a definite studio creation and personal favorite. The demo ("You Was It") has a rougher, post-punk feel, with serious messed-up vocal distortion. These two versions create a particularly strong example of how the recording process can change the feel of a song. So scoop up some Spoon, 'Stampers, and next time think about using a fork, or, at the very least, a spork.

Syndicate This

NOT actual size Until now, if you asked me what a "feed burner" was, I would have replied that it was probably the jockey equivalent of a glue sniffer. In fact, this is patently wrong. While new terminology like "RSS" and "News Aggregator" scares and confuses BadmintonStamps, we also recognize the need to keep up with the Joneses, Smiths, and Herbs of the blog world. Also, we harbour a deep and abiding love of shiny orange buttons. And it is out of that love that we proudly offer you the slickest, sassiest, most RSS-iest version of our award-winning blog to date. Whoopty whoop, blogga WHAT???

August 30, 2005

Tuesday Links: Gang Of Four Streams New Album, Influences Everybody

Gang Of Four Either Gang of Four has developed a Kanye-sized ego, or their marketing people just got lazy. Then again, I suppose it's a good thing that somebody's finally stepping up and taking responsibility for Chromeo.

Broken Social Scene are set for an October/November tour, including an Oct. 24th stop at the TLA. No NYC dates announced yet, but one seems likely with all the off days on the schedule. Central Village boldly predicts they will put on a very Broken Social Scene-ish live show. He's a real Lester Bangs, that one.

Are you losing sleep over the lack of a consistent standard for judging Pitchfork reviews by different authors? Well, throw your statistical anxiety in the thresher, 'cause Jerry here has compiled a chart with every major reviewer's average rating. Note to self: do not let Kristin Sage Rockermann anywhere near that 3-song demo I'm working on.

Yo Philly! Don't forget to show up at Rittenhouse Square tomorrow night from 7-9 PM, where some of the city's finest will be playin' for free. Chill on the grass, breathe the sweet square air, and catch sets from The Teeth and NY Times/Philabuster-endorsed Dr. Dog while old people mumble scornfully about "all that racket", courtesy of the ol' PW.

Sonic Youth Don't Need A Drummer

Not as dirty as Carlos D (Read in dry British accent) This post is part of SkinnySlim's week-long series "Musical Classroom: The Studio" where he elequently compares a song's original demo to the proper album version.

I had a really pretentious post that included phrases like "painfully underappreciated epic album", "simmering and spacey", and "art-jam philosophy", but that's all bullshit. All we have here is some straight-up Sonic Youth beauty, beginning with an instrumental sketch and building to a full-fledged Kim Gordon classic. When played together, the demo and final version create an eight minute awesome-fest. So let the oceans of feedback wash over your ears as you revel in this propulsive, chilled out wonderment, taking in the tracks' splendid, mesmerizing, glistening waves of sound and glorious, breath-inspiring...oh fuck it, I just can't help myself when I hear such simmering and spacey songs.

Kenny Loggins Roasters

No, I was never in Wham! Come back in time with me. Back to the 80s. Back to a time when movies didn't puff out their chests and strut around because they had a soundtrack stuffed with lots of whiny Sub Pop bands your parents hadn't ever heard of. Back then, you didn't want subtle or sincere or indie. You wanted big and bold and fun. And it didn't get any more of all those things than Kenny Loggins. When he wasn't busy impersonating George Michael, Kenny made his money writing the Footloose theme, the Caddyshack theme, and of course, the crown jewel of the Top Gun soundtrack, "Danger Zone". Clor's song is neither a cover nor a tribute, but it does feel like it could slip quietly onto an expanded reissue of that album with nobody the wiser, its thick, beefy synthesizers creeping in seductively over the closing credits. Close your eyes. Imagine the Miramar tarmac at dusk, the pungent mingling of sea breeze and jet exhaust, and a tough-but-tender Kelly McGillis who just wants you to start believing in yourself again. Then press play and tell me it's not 1986.

August 29, 2005

A Monday Jolt Of Electrical Shocka!!!

Paul Siminon (Read in dry British accent) This post is part of SkinnySlim's week-long series "Musical Classroom: The Studio" where he elequently compares a song's original demo to the proper album version.

Off their classic London Calling album, "Guns of Brixton" is one of the only Clash songs written by bassist Paul Siminon. The "Vanilla Tape" demo can be found on the London Calling reissue, where the intrumental original is simply known as "Paul's Tune". Somewhere between demo and recording, Paul added gangsta lyrics to the song, turning it from sweet reggae instrumental to politcal anthem.

We're In Miami And No Trick Daddy?

Talent at the VMAs? No Dice. Recent Federal Law requires bloggers to post a negative review of the MTV Video Music Awards. And I'm not one to break the law, except for drug use or violent crimes. The show was hosted by Diddy alter-ego "The Conductor", a man who with a violent wave of his arms can summon gynormous pyrotechinic explosions or lead a symphony in the mauling of Notorious B.I.G. classics. The two best performers of the night were MC Hammer and Kelly Clarkson, and I am telling the truth. My personal highlight was when Lil Bow Wow and Paris Hilton got into a "Who hates starving Africans and AIDS patients more" bling-off. Remember, this show used to be hosted by edgy comedians in a NYC theater and feature bands like Nirvana and Prince.

SNL? Boo!!! LSF? Hooray!!!

Makes Carrot Top look like a comic genius... This past Friday night at the Bowery, the BadmintonStamps team experienced both the lowest lows and the highest highs, and it had absolutely nothing to do with the basement bar or the marijuana. After hearing Les Savy Fav-lite openers Thunderbirds Are Now! wrap up their set, we went upstairs and jockeyed for position in front of the stage. The lights dimmed, and we were subjected to seven of the most painful minutes of our lives as racist SNL "comedian" Fred Armisen tried and failed to justify his existence on Planet Earth. Mercifully, he was agressively booed off the stage a few minutes into his second bit. Les Savy Fav turned things around in a hurry. "The Sweat Descends", "One Way Widow", and "Yawn, Yawn, Yawn" had the sold-out crowd going nuts and SkinnySlim moshing like he weighed an extra fifty pounds. Antics? Crazy Tim set tampons on fire, whipped the opening band into submission with an LCD Beltsystem, distributed masks to the audience Kubrik-style, and changed into something a little more comfortable (a plastic bag) for the encore. Unbelievable music, fantastic energy, and a general vibe from everybody in attendance that this was the best party happening anywhere in the world at that moment push this concert into the pantheon of Philabuster's all-time greats. No lie.

Armisen blaming his sucking on a "broken movie projector" was like Ashlee Simpson blaming her snl lyp-syncing on her band. Les Savy Fav was as great as great can be.

Yeah, the projector really didn't deserve that. It was totally trying to bail him out.

Like Heavy Metal Or John McCain, We Don't Fold Under Pressure

McCain Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of getting ridiculously sweaty with Mr. Philabuster. What, you got a problem with that? But seeing raucous rock band Les Savy Fav was not the only reason my illustrious colleague was in town. He also found time to binge drink sake, fufill his job requierment for the illicit organ donor trade, and take part in a mysterious recording session. "Mysterious recording session, SkinnySlim? Tell me more!" Oh no, we don't play like that, homie. Keep reading the 'Stamps and you'll find out soon enough...

August 26, 2005

And A Sweaty, Balding, Breakdancing Friday Freakout To You, Sir

Sarong?  Try sa-wrong! Philabuster makes a much-anticipated return to NYC tonight to hit up the Bowery Ballroom with SkinnySlim. We'll be getting drunk to the tunes of Rahim and Thunderbirds Are Now, as well as the questionable comic stylings of SNL's Fred Armisen. Our attention will surely shift from beer to stage, however, once this guy steps up to the mic. His name is Tim Harrington, his band is Les Savy Fav, and his reputation for crazy stunts during live performances is exceeded only by his reputation for rocking crowds during said performances. If you need more convincing about the crazy part, just read about his antics at the band's last show (halfway down the page). Their sound is a raucous flavor of post-punk that feels like it could come unhinged at any second, but the band's technical precision and deceptively complex arrangements hold everything together by a thread. The BadmintonStamps boys are anticipating some great anecdotes and a ringing in our ears come morning, and of course, we'll be sure to pass the crazy along to you right here on Monday.

Movie Round-Up: We Can't Make Up How Bad These Movie Are

The Brothers Grimm: Documenary about the Weinstein Brothers.
The Baxter: Michael Showalter tries for Woody Allen, comes up Miami Rhapsody.
Three Dancing Slaves: Latest horror film about being a Miramax intern.
The Cave: Critic Justin Putman says, "A turd held up to the flickering bulb of the projector would be a marked improvement." Not really fair, because I've seen that done and it's surprisingly entertaining.

Okay kids, have a great weekend and here's an mp3 cause you're all so cute. From Sleater Kinney's Friday Freakout-worthy album The Woods, the song unfortunately has nothing to do with this week's movies.

August 25, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Kerns

Katrina Kerns As Florida gears up for Huricane Katrina, New York is still recovering from the wirlwind that was Hurricane Katrina Kerns. The professional model and Sufjan Stevens back-up hottie devastated libidos throughout the Lower East Side and Williamsburg this past week. Due to popular demand, we present more pics of the lovely Miss Kerns. Huge hat tip to, who compiled almost all of these.

Radio Performance: 1, 2
Promotional Posters: 1, 2
Katrina as a swan
Katrina models hipster eyewear
More Katrina links from Monday are here

She talks! Check out this priceless 10 second clip of her shilling for a modeling company.

Dirtbag & Lil Wyte? Ya Damn Right.

Wow Southern rap songs often feature the"crazy-voiced" guy. He usually drops his verse second. In this Lil Wyte song we have Dirtbag, and he isn't really that crazy-voiced. Actually, he keeps it pretty smooth. So while it might not be the perfect example of what I'm talking about, it is a great song about smoking dro, bitch!

Links, Kinks, And Kitchen Sinks

Stereolab BadmintonStamps loves us some Stereolab, let me tell you. You can stream the three new 7" singles due out Sept. 12th, along with their associated b-sides, over at Scenestars. Third single "Interlock", in particular, is another example of da 'lab at their electro-funky best. Head on over and enjoy.

It's time for another episode of "When Good MP3s Happen To Lousy Bloggers". This week, Central Village shocks us with the critical revelation that the new Broken Social Scene album totally sounds (brace yourself, here) like it was MADE BY BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE!!! Ho. Ly. Shit. Just download the song and move on.

Pitchfork lets the world know it's okay to like Wilmingtonians(?) The Spinto Band. Whew! And what's this? Succinct, descriptive, informative...Seriously, who is Marc Hogan and how did he sneak this review into the PF offices?

Close Your Eyes, Make A Wish...

Pat Robertson: Assassination Fairy Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan Preseident, thinks the U.S. has been plotting to assassinate him. Pat Robertson, conservative evangelist and founder of the Christian Coalition, hates to see anybody disappointed. "If he thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it." Pat Robertson: legitimizing paranoia everywhere since 1930. Ya know, Pat, I'd be careful before I pick any fights with revolutionary communist dictators. 'Cause honestly, which one of you has got an entire national military at his command here? I'll give you two guesses. This dude's for real, P-Rob, and you're just actin' a fool. How 'bout you scamper home and rock out to some R.E.M.-fetishizing tunes from new Louisiana outfit World Leader Pretend, and let the somebody else wear the daddy pants for a while.

August 24, 2005

Link Love, Or Link Lust?

James Murphy Somebody whose last name rhymes with "swarthy" told me that one of her favorite songs in the whole wide world is LCD Soundsystem's "Tribulations". Well, now maybe it'll be one of her favorite music videos, too. Watch it now over at NME.

Unless VH1 is prepping a third season of "I Love The 80's" (and I don't think they is, dude), you'll have to get your Regan-era fix from Kentucky's VHS or Beta. They played their potent concoction of Simple Minds and Wang Chung this morning on KCRW, which has posted a streaming video of the session.

Lookout Records has taken all the hapless summer interns that had been hired to do Green Day street team work and set them to producing weekly 10-song podcasts from the label's catalogue instead. This week's installment, hosted by the uber-charismatic Spence, features songs by The Wynona Riders, Ted Leo, Pretty Girls Make Graves, and Minnesota upstarts Hockey Night. To subscribe via iTunes, click here.

The Sun Fucking Gets It

The Sun Remember how much we hate Kanye here at BadmintonStamps? Well, take that and flip it around, and that's how much we love The Sun. This press release only makes our case stronger. In a nutshell, the band's debut album will feature 14 original music videos in DVD format, one for every song, and the audio for each track will also be available to rip, store, and share. The price? Same as any other normal CD. In the aftermath of the recent NARM convention (not to be confused with the Six Feet Under-type "NAAAarrrm!") which tackled, among other issues, how to boost sales of physical product in retail chains, this move seems like a stroke of value-added genius. The band is young and cool and fun and friendly. The videos they've already posted, produced by band members, their friends, and local filmmakers, smack of artistic entrepreneurship and originality. All this, and their live show is crazy-go-nuts. In my little musical world, The Sun is shining right now.

...And in case you missed the innaugural Friday Freakout post last month, here's your second chance to nab this spankin' number...

You Piece Of Shoe!

Lee 'Scratch' Perry I love it when, instead of just bleeping out the f-word on cable movies, they make the actors say "Forget you!" Forget you? That's great! This practice is popularly known as dubbing. Lee "Scratch" Perry was a pioneer of dub music, but he wouldn't care about curses cause it's just expression, man. Here's an excellent Lee Perry resource, and catch him in all his uncensored glory when he plays Warsaw in NYC September 17th

August 23, 2005

The Wild, Wild East

Dave Winfield Philabuster is a diehard Red Sox fan and yours truly lives strong for The Yankees. As the season nears its completion we won't be talking to each other. There will be fights. One of us will think the other "crossed the line" with some disparaging comment (seriously Buster, lay off Melky Cabrara jokes). Since the next two months will leave us obsessed, regular readers should check this quick season update: Currently the World Champion (it hurts everytime) Red Sox hold a decent 3.5 game lead on the Yanks in their Eastern Division. However, in the entire American League, one "Wild Card" team also makes the playoffs. The Yanks are currently immersed in a three-way dead heat for said "Wild Card" spot. In short, with only 5 weeks left 'till the playoffs, shit is getting mad, mad wild. Stay tuned and enjoy this stunning pop from NYC-loving Robert Pollard.

New Playlist: Christmas in August

I am very proud of my new plalist, an ode to smoothed out funky soul. It's a mix of classic R&B, gospel, reggae, and hip-hop. Favorites include Ebony Band's "Outro" into Wu-Tang featuring Issac Hayes, Tommy McCook's classic "Liquidator", and of course Darlene Love and her Christmas Gift to You. BadmintonStamps? Never Fakin' The Funk.

I'm partial to the Tricky song myself. His influence on the current generation of experimental hip-hoppers like Prefuse 73 is pretty obvious when you listen to the way he patches everything together here.

Buzz Word To Your Mother

En Garde! Another summer, another reminder of the steady southern encroachment of the Africanized Bees. What, you expected me to say "Killer Bees"? Sorry, pal. That subtle linguistic turn perpetuates exactly the kind of filthy cultural myths that the white capitalist patriacrhcy is pushing on you and me every day, and I'll be damned if this blog isn't going to be the one place that's totally free of such ignorant, narrow-minded ideological connotations. It's the same thing with Robbers On High Street. When they put out their Fine Lines EP last spring, everybody dismissed them as just another transparently derivative bunch of Strokes-beholden also-rans, part of that whole "New York garage rock scene", and never even questioned the validity of their assumptions. But the Robbers have had their honey-sweet revenge this year, releasing a superb debut album which this consumer ranks as one of 05's best and most surprising so far, with a sound that totally defies the New York band stereotypes. In light of their determination and perseverance, not to mention their suave Spoon grooves, I'll give 'em a pass on this one song title.

August 22, 2005

Concert Round-Up Part Deux: Sufjan Silliness

Sufjan Stevens' Sunday show was a disappointment. Bunky opened, and if abrasive, clunky songs about hippopotamuses are your bag, you're in luck. Sufjan's five-night residency at the Bowery is being framed as a high-school pep rally, including cheerleader outfits and real live cheers (Sunday was "Pirate Night"). The whole thing is twee and amateur hour-ish, the problem being that the too intelligent, well arranged songs do not lend themselves to this format (it works better with drunken rock, a la GBV). Making matters worse, the band was sluggish and the set never gained momentum, growing tedious fast. It should be noted that Sufjan's band features one of the most attractive women in the world, almost worth the price of admission. Her name is Katrina Kerns and you can look at her Ford Model page here, and even more pics (plus a Sufjan b-side) on this cool site.

For an alternate opinion, more Katrina Kerns hotness, and proof that Stereogum really doesn't know much about baseball, go here.

Concert Round-Up Part Uno: Harlem Rhapsody

Mama mia! Local rock boys The Harlem Shakes played a townhouse party up in Harlem on Saturday. The setting was unique, with probably sixty people smoking herb and drinking forties, and the bands played in a living room with spectators watching from the kitchen. The Shakes were excellent, very fun and engaging. The highlight was during technical difficulties when the keyboardist led everyone in a sing along of Bohemian Rhapsody. You can hear their impressive demo on their needs-to-be-redesigned website. Maybe the web designers should take a tip from this fancy-pants resource on the history of Harlem.

Whiney British Indie Rock

Cheerio In case you haven't heard it yet, check out the backlash-a-licious new Franz Ferdinand single, currently streaming on their MySpace page.

Central Village is too busy to give us the time of day, but still finds time to throw himself headlong onto the Editors bandwagon, making second single "Munich" available for download.

Paul Epworth strikes again. Download his remix of The Rakes' Friday Freakout-worthy ode to compulsory nightlife, now playing over at Rock Insider

And, as promised, here's a stand-alone single released by Delays at the very end of '04. I'm not sure if the sound on this number is indicative of their second album's direction. While it's fun up to a point, I personally hope they go back to the sun-drenched sentimentality of their debut and leave the gaudy, flashing neon for Brandon Flowers and company.

Oy Gavalt!

BadmintonStamps does NOT subscribe to Teen Beat...anymore Last month, 'Stamps loyalist Aaron C. requested, among other things, to know exactly what happenned to Blossom. And for once, we scratched out heads in total, unabashed ignorance. Leave it to trusty old E! (the cable channel, not the exciting drug) to provide us the closure we were thirsting for, THS-style. Mayim Bialik? Not dead. Philly native Joey Lawrence? Not making any more music. Perhaps the best nugget from last night's broadcast was the producer's claim that "if you look up 'range' in the dictionary, there should be a picture of actress Jenna Von Oy." I'll just take his word for it. Like Von Oy's character Six, track #6 off the debut album from Bunky is immature, in your face, and a wee bit boy-crazy. Listening to them stumble forward through their tunes with the same polished awkwardness as a lot of the catchier Fiery Furnaces tracks, it's easy to imagine how the two-some's live shows have become the stuff of San Diego legend. New Yorkers can catch 'em doing their second opening stint for Sufjan Stevens tonight at the Bowery Ballroom. Whoa!

Download: Bunky - "Chuy"

August 19, 2005

WTF Is Going On, I Can't Go To Sleep…

This is the sixth installment of SkinnySlim's ongoing series posting the original tracks from Philabuster's covers playlist.

Hammer...or Ali G? Last night in bed my mind kept wandering, thinking of the important questions of the day... Why did G-Unit sign Mase? Don't they realize it's just like when MC Hammer signed with Death Row? Just who does Kayne West think he is, storming off a radio show when asked to freestyle? Why didn't I think of opening up a moving company in Gaza years ago? And would I give it all up for one night with teen sensation Smoosh? My head swirling, I caught only eight hours of sleep, max. What's a deprived boy to do? Drink a cup o' joe? But, it hurts my tummy too much. I'll just ease into the afternoon with a listen of 'Joe, courtesy of this spacey and mellow, funky like jello, dubbed out gem.

Also, don't forget to check out the very funny and informative "Keeping Tabs" column in Slate, written by a 'Stamps supporter. Show yo' love!

The Friday Freakout's Coming To A Town Near You

Polysics It's been an exciting week here at Philabuster headquarters, and not just because my Naked Zorro BarBQ apron has been steadily climbing in value. It's because no less than three bands that I'm very excited to see announced shows in Philadelphia. Franz at the Tower Theater is biggie, obviously, and the fact that they'll be supported Monday's post subjects Sons And Daughters don't hurt none. LCD Soundsystem also just announced a tour, which makes its final hip-shakin' stop at Philly's Trocadero on Nov. 16. Finally, Polysics, the only one of the three I've yet to see live, are doing an east coast jaunt that includes a visit to the Trocadero's exclusive balcony bar September 27th, plus another Philly (well, Wilkes-Barre) show and two New York stops. Polysics are a Japanese blend of The Hives and Devo, complete with crazy-ass space suits and Josh Wechter's taste in eyewear. You can't really understand what they're saying most of the time (which is a bit of a feat, since they're singing in English), but you probably won't care. So enjoy this indecipherable nugget of brain-frying hooky goodness, and enjoy your weekend. Bonzai!

Philabuster, this is a welcome change from the usual whiney British indie rock. Thanks for the rawk.

'Cause you wouldn't know anything about whining, huh? Just for that, I'm posting a Rakes remix... Starsailor b-side... Delays single first thing Monday.

Weekly Movie Round-Up: Fall Movies Can't Come Soon Enough

In this week's edition we are forced to ask ourselves: Why on earth would we ever see these movies?

The 40 Year Old Virgin: From the studio's character synopsis: "He's got a cushy job stamping invoices at an electronics superstore, a nice apartment with a proud collection of action figures and comic books, good friends, a nice attitude." Excited? Wait, there's more....he doesn't have sex! Run, don't walk, 'Stampers...
Sympathy For Vengeance: Ryu, a young factory worker, has recently quit art school in order to look after his sister, who is dying a slow, agonizing death for want of a kidney. I smell summer hit.
Red Eye: I'll take an ambien and you can wake me when we land in September.

...And that's it. Worst Movie Round-up Ever. Sorry people, but it's mid-August, blame Hollywood, not me.

It's okay, bro, I got ya back. Check it...

Supercross: Promises to do for motor-cross what Ice Princess did for ice skating.
Valiant: According to the description, the Ewan McGregor-voiced pigeon and the other "members of Squad F" keep a "stiff upper beak" in the face of adversity and "prove that it's not the size of the wingspan that counts". This is obviously porn.

August 18, 2005

Pat Boone Feat. Rich Little As Johnny Carson

There's an unwritten BadmintonStamps rule that we don't post songs specifically to hate on them. Well, rules were meant to be broken, especially when it's something as bad as a new Kayne West song featuring Jamie Foxx. That's right. Mr. West, the only man nominated for a songwriting Grammy for a song he didn't write, has joined forces with the Stealth and Booty Call "star" for one more go around. Following up his slow jam summer of '04, Mr. Foxx whips out the Oscar cheese (we get it, you can do a good Ray Charles impersonation), singing the late genius' classic words over a Diddyfied, sample-ridden mess. Add Kanye's abrasive flow and you've got the worst modern rap hit this side of "Candy Shop". Next up? William Hung featuring Kevin Pollack as Christopher Walken. And for more information about Kayne the Thief, click here.

It wouldn't surprise me if BB King and Olu Dara were organizing legitimate blues singers everywhere in an effort to have Foxx taken down. Like maybe Joe Pesci-style in Good Fellas? Ya know, they call Jamie up and tell him he's gonna get some award for "keeping blues meaningful and current," and then, BAM! The curtain goes up, and Grauman's Chinese Theater is empty, sucka! I'm just sayin', you could hide a lot of shit under all that cement...

The Seven Nation Kiss Army

This is the fifth installment of SkinnySlim's ongoing series posting the original tracks from Philabuster's covers playlist.

Kiss Pinball I'm a huge pinball fan. I'm a huge rock 'n roll fan. So obviously I have lots of love for the classic Kiss Army Pinball game. Kiss is definitely a band deserving of their own pinball game, but I always thought if there was one song that could make the crossover, it would be The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army". It's already become a modern rock classic, finding audiences on radio and mtv, and getting covered by numerous bands, including The Flaming Lips, Audioslave, and of course Hard-Fi. But just imagine that pinball game! The red, white, and black motif, seven multi-ball mode, the ramp made to look like an elephant tusk. Come on 'Stampers, make this happen! I've paired the song with one of my favorite Stereolab tracks, which can be found on the bang-for-the-buck Oscillons comp.

Clap Your Hands Say "Eh"

First Unitarian was a hot spot last night if ever there was one. Line-up before the doors opened was over a block long and wound around the corner. Some advice to Philly concert-goers: if you invest the time into buying physical tickets for R5 Productions down at Spaceboy, they let you in before the will-call people, even if you're way at the back of the line when doors open. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah was perfectly enjoyable, but far from incredible. The song textures which seem charmingly twee and simple on record became fragile and hollow live, like the band was always missing somebody who should be playing a really important part. If you go into a show of theirs with reasonable expectations, you should have a good time, but Arcade Fire they ain't. The middle act, Grand Buffet, was a Pittsburgh hip-hop duo that was just too over the top to stick around for, so I grabbed some fresh air and returned later on for Magnolia Electric Co. The midwestern balladry alternated between Bob Seger rock and quieter Wilco/Castanets introspection, and the flourishes of harmonica and washes of pedal steel were perfect for a lazy summer evening. The closing surprise number was Van Halen's "Running With The Devil", a good-humored collaborative effort featuring their hip hop tour-mates on lead vocals, which got everybody dancing one last time. Here's an old, dusty Wilco cut from Being There that I thought of several times during Magnolia's set.

August 17, 2005

If You Believe In Hype, Clap Your Hands

If you live in Philly, then tonight is your first of two chances to see mega-buzz band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Seeing as their New York shows are selling out months in advance, the fact that tonight's show will still have tickets at the door is pretty remarkable. They're on duty this evening at the First Unitarian Church, opening up for the alt-country stylings of Magnolia Electric Co. I'll be in attendance, and will give you the lo-down right here tomorrow. If weekend concerts are more your bag, you can see the Clap crew play The Khyber on Friday, Sept. 10th, when they'll open for The National. Alec Ounsworth and friends obviosuly heart Philadelphia, and Philly contractually has to heart them back. Is it infatuation? An end-of-summer fling? Or maybe something more?

UPDATE: Tonight's show at the church basement has just sold out. But don't put on your Death Cab CD and cry yourself to sleep just yet. You still stand a chance of winning a pair of tickets being given away over at Philebrity. But you better hurry! Click here! Faster!!

Original Pirate Material

Bloc Party Earlier this week, awkwardly-spelled BBC radio host Steve Lamacq debuted the new single from Bloc Party on his Radio 1 show, which was also broadcast live via the interweb. The song, "Two More Years", is, if not groundbreakingly original, certainly a refreshing change of pace for the Bloc posse, recorded last month under the watchful eye of Silent Alarm producer/remixer Paul Epworth, aka: Phones. The track abandons the spikey, jabbing guitar work and off-kilter drumming of their earlier offerings, as well as the high-pitched plaintive shouts which were fast becoming as much of a crutch for Kele Okereke as an agonized falsetto is for Chris Martin. Instead, you get a sense of the band exercising some level of restraint, reigning in their spastic impulses and channelling them into something more focused and driven. Is this the sound of a band maturing, or simply the result of listening to one too many Cure mixes in the tour van? Time will tell, 'Stampers. The single is set to drop October 3rd.

August 16, 2005

Badminton Dough Boys Fly High

Request Brigade Last week, 4th Biggest Reader Award winner Zerox One requested Rappin' 4-Tay's "Playaz Club". "I've been trying to find and buy that cd for years", he whimpered. Well, Mr. One, you should have known to come directly to The BadmintonStamps Request Brigade (somewhat misnamed, it's actually more of a squadron). We now present to you this smooth piece of early nineties Bay Area flava, and congratulate the B.S. Brigade on another succesful mission.

Another Thing That Shouldn't Lick Anybody

Fugly Did you know they have a competition for World's Ugliest Dog? And did you know this adorable fellow won? This fine specimen of a Chinese Crested, who goes by the moniker What's New, Sam, brought home the title for the third year in a row this summer. That's gotta be the ugliest dynasty since the '98-'00 Yankees (also known as the era of the Scott Brosius O-Face). When he isn't entering pageants, this hairless, buck-toothed bundle of joy splits his time between scaring young children, auditioning for Gremlins re-makes, and working as a test subject for Rogaine. While Ghostface, featured on the track below, is primarily spitting advice at lame-ass MCs, his flow on this slice of sample-overloaded goodness from Prefuse 73 suggests a course of action I think we'd all like to see Sam follow.

Music News Round-Up: Gossip, Tours, Beeyatches, Parties & Pete

Check out the "Keeping Tabs" weekly column at Slate. It's an extremely funny and well done weekly round-up (posted Fridays) of all your favorite gossip rags. And the writer just might be a 'Stamper...

Franz Ferdinand added tour dates in our areas. They play the Tower Theater in Philly on October 14th and The Theater @ MSG on Sunday 16th and Monday 17th. NYC tickets are on sale August 19th (presale for 17th already started)

Lil Jon is angry at his record label. He offers the following insight: "TVT are some beeyatches". Take that, Steve Gottlieb!

This Saturday, check out a $5 Harlem Shakes byob party/concert at a Brownstone in...(wait for it)... Harlem. Sounds interesting. RSVP supposedly required, and here's good song.

Finally, Babyshambles loser Pete Doherty was arrested for bringing crack onto an airplane. He then played a festival show, vomited on stage, and made it back in time to snuggle up with girlfriend Kate Moss. Oh, that Modern Romance.

August 15, 2005

Strong Aftertaste

As previously reported, I had the pleasure of spending this past weekend in the confines of majestic Gotham, primarily for the sake of attending a high school friend's wedding, but also to show my face at the highly anticipated BadmintonStamps mid-summer blog social/Schiller's trip (and yes, it was as glamorous as it sounds). There's not much I can add to SkinnySlim's recap, except to reaffirm and corroborate the fact that some really drunk dude pissed in a sink and then licked a very hot stranger's arm. What's sad is not simply that he thouroughly scared this unsuspecting and attractive young woman, but the fact that he was so drunk he probably didn't even fully appreciate the lick he managed to get in before he was shown the door. And now for your listening pleasure, another musical pun, this one off the debut LP from a quartet of grim Scottish honky-tonkers.

Lover's Lick

This is the third installment of SkinnySlim's ongoing series posting the original tracks from Philabuster's covers playlist.

Lick This Friday, NYC and I played host to none other than Mr. Philabuster. The all too brief visit included a cab driver blasting Usher, a Johnny Knoxville sighting, and a late night jaunt to Schiller's Liquor Bar. While drinking the night away, my ladyfriend left to relieve herself. She soon encountered a soused young gentleman urinating in the sink. The young gentleman in question then returned to the dining hall, forced himself on a brutally beautiful young lady, and proceeded to lick her arm. The young lady was none too pleased, and before long the licker in question was forcibly removed. All I could say was, "Dude, if you're gonna get shitfaced and lick something on a hot chica, the arm is a weak choice".

August 12, 2005

Harlem's Finest: Big L Tribute

This is the second installment of SkinnySlim's ongoing series posting the original tracks from Philabuster's covers playlist.

Late rapper Big L. is often mentioned on the list of fallen hip-hop stars, along with Biggie, 2Pac, Big Pun, and ODB. His name has been dropped by everybody from associates in Gangstarr and Digging In The Crates to Eminem and Wu-Tang. However, because of tragic timing (he was murdered while working on his second album), Big L never broke to the mainstream, and therefore many people know him by name but not talent. Here is one of his absolute classics, "Ebonics". In this banger, produced by DJ Premier, L runs down a dictionary of street slang with phenomenal verbal skill. I'm posting this track along with the Stones disco-rock classic "Miss You" (covered by The Concretes on 'Busters list) because, like those other rappers gone too soon, I actually do miss him. R.I.P. Big L, and read more about his life here.

The Friday Freakout's Like A Bad Habit

Beer Have you ever felt like staying in one night, settling down with a good book and a mug of coco, and just tuning out the rest of the world? Yeah, me neither. The Rakes understand the predicament of today's youth, and have churned out a gritty little number that analyses not just our right, but our socio-culturally instilled need to party. Mixing together tightly-wound Strokes guitar work with a Libertines fuck-all attitude, they bemoan the vicious cycle of inebriation, stupefaction, and recuperation we're bound to duplicate night after night like some Cheers episode from hell. Because honestly, what else are you gonna do? Risk missing out on all the fun and craziness that might be waiting on the other side of those four shots of SoCo? See you out on the town tonight, 'Stampers, and try not to vomit on me.

Weekly Movie Round-Up: August Movies Are Very Bad

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo: This Oscar contender was directed by a man named Mike Bigalow. I'm guessing that was his only qualification.
The Skeleton Key: SPOILER ALERT: Kate Hudson can't act.
Grizzly Man: I read a lot of reviews for this post. Almost every single one says this movie is "mesmerizing" (not kidding). Ladies, here's a free tip: If you ever meet a guy who says a movie/album/play is "mesmerizing", know he is a critic, the lowest form of scum.
The Great Raid: Speaking of critics, Willie Waffle writes, "The Great Raid just isn't great until it starts to focus on the raid" In other news, The Bad News Bears isn't bad until they start to focus on the news about the bears.
Chaos: "In this horror flick starring Sylvester Stallone's son, Sage, a couple of teenage girls are kidnapped from a rave while high on ecstasy." I think they mean, "In this documentary starring Sylvester Stallone's son, a couple of teenage girls are kidnapped from a rave while high on ecstasy."

August 11, 2005

BadmintonStamps = International Superstars

Nigeria 70 This site? Pimpin' all over the world. We are read coast to coast, New York to San Francisco, and as far as Taipei and Bosnia. Regular reader Ami B. even checks in from Africa, making BadmintonStamps a four continent, multi-ethnic melting pot. In honor of Ms. B., and as per her request, I bring you this piece of African rock. This Nigerian track, by Bongos Ikwue and from the awesome Nigeria 70 comp, is not afro-beat but still funky as all hell. Plus, he's a truth teller, with a chorus claiming, "God made a man/Man made a woman/But the Woman made the Devil/ So throw her out through the window". A wise sage indeed.


This is the first installment of SkinnySlim's ongoing series posting the original tracks from Philabuster's covers playlist.

Bar Recently it seems the only time I pause to take in the city is in my hazy late night state, stumbling between the bars. There's the "I'm drunk, must leave now" moment, followed by the search for another crew to get drunker with, and eventually the stumble home. Woozily staring up at an the old buildings or processing the lives whizzing by and searching to make eye contact with the pretty ones, the city hits me in the head like straight scotch or a drunken bar fight. Sorry to wax poetic, but I can't help feeling it when I hear this Elliott Smith original, a perfect soundtrack to that more reflective and melancholy stage of drunkenness. So drink up and emote, 'Stampers.

Any Band Names With Ampersands?

Stellastarr* Fiery arcade girl Maria writes in, comment-box style, to say that she approves of both our musical taste and our sense of humor. We, in turn, approve of Maria's MySpace page, which features a photo with Franz guitarist Nick, a quote from Interpol, and an asterisk quite obviously placed in homage to Brooklyn new-wave torch-bearers Stellastarr*. Philabuster was initially non-plussed by Stellastarr*'s debut album, was ultimately won over by their live performance, and considers Amanda Tannen to be in the upper-most echelon of cute female bass players. Not surprisingly, they also have a MySpace page, which includes a stream of the hit single "My Coco", still a personal favorite. The band's sophomore effort is due for release Sept. 13th, with October tour dates for Irving Plaza and Philly's TLA already scheduled. Here's a little taste to get you all antsy and impatient.

August 10, 2005

Hip Hop News: G-Unit Arrests

More gansgta' than Olivia? Lloyd Banks and Young Buck were arrested for gun possession after being stopped for running a red light. This is particularly surprising considering they consistently glorify guns, claim to have shot people, flaunt their armed protection, and call their crew G-Unit, aka Gorilla Unit, aka Gun-it. Making matters worse, a member of their entourage tried to hit a police officer. These rappers want us to think they're tough when they can't even control their friends? Plus, guns are for pussies too shook to get up in someone's grill. I roll Swiss Army-style, Banks. That's why I'm a blogga and you still a rapper, rapper.

BadmintonStamps At The Garden, Cold Kickin' It Live

This could be yours... Our first month's stats are in, and BadmintonStamps is on a roll. Readership has quadrupled and continues to rise. Thank you guys for your support. We want this site to work for you, so please keep writing in with suggestions/requests. Today we launch our monthly 4th Biggest Reader Award, given to the reader who comes to the site the fourth most times. The prize is a free copy of the latest Chronikill CD, this crystal trophy, and a song request.. This month's winner? Chronikill MC Zerox One. Congrats! He requests "rapping 4 tay – players gets no love". Well, since I can't find it, it gets no love here either. However, here's one of my favorite rock songs from the white rapping Beastie Boys. Enjoy.

Update: We have, in fact, got our hands on a copy of Rapping 4-Tay, and will honor the request in the not too distant future. Committed to our readers? Damn right.

Those Personality Tests Say I'm Actually More Of An Intrapol

D is for 'Dirty' Like Interpol? Then you'll love rising UK four-piece Editors. They're like Interpol lite. And by "lite", I mean you get the same brooding chords, same creepy vocals. BUT, with way less herpes.

You can stream their new album, Back Room, in its entirety right here, courtesy of our friends (and by "our friends", I mean "strangers") over at the NME.

Kings Fall Short, But Diamonds Are Aces

Better late than never, here's a recap of last weekend's concert action. I arrived at Electric Factory just as Helio Sequence started up, and thoroughly enjoyed their set. Modest Mouse-y guitar and drums, vocals that alternated between pleading and shouting, all on top of some pre-recorded synth bleeps and arpeggios. Surprisingly engaging for just two people on a big stage. Kings of Leon were somewhat disappointing. Fast, twitchy tracks from the records were stretched out into U2-style arena-rock anthems. "Bucket" and "King of the Rodeo" in particular were slowed to an almost unbearable plod. The song order was anticlimactic (opening the show with the song everybody's heard a zillion times on that VW commercial). And they really don't move around at all. My verdict: wonderful records, but either they were phoning it in that night, or they're just not a compelling live performance. Fortunately, I had Diamond Nights for a pick-me-up Sunday night at the Khyber, and all I can say One of the tightest groups I've seen in quite a while, they're a classic 80's rock band that's just a little too fashionable for mullets. But not, thankfully, too fashionable for chugging guitars and manly falsettos. Go see this band live if you have the chance.

August 9, 2005

Give Peace A Chance, Okay Dude?

Our first hate mail! Reader Lieutenant Zeus Rodriguez (Navy), once a recipient of my anti-Beatles rant, takes a break from fellating Paul McCartney to write in: "your recent praise of Olivia Tremor Control exposes your Beatles-hating for the shameless contrarian hipster posefest that it is. to talk smack about the champs, while you simultaneously sweat a band whose entire existence is derived from like three songs on Revolver and "Revolution No. 9"...well, there is a phrase for that. that phrase is "shameless contrarian hipster posefest bullshit." if you post these musings, that is if you're not too scared, I would like to be identified as Lieutenant Zeus Rodriguez."

Listen, I'm not scared of Lieutenants, mmmkay, except maybe this guy. Second I'm not trying to hate on the Beatles. Animal In fact, in terms of music for five year olds, The Beatles rank third behind Raffi and any Muppet Album. Speaking of the Muppets, the first season of the original Muppet Show was released today on DVD. This Franz Ferdinand b-side sounds like a great Muppet song to me, with a little Lennon/McCartney sprinkled in.

August 8, 2005

He Was Rick James, Bitch

Rick James One year ago this past weekend, the music world lost a truly entertaining and, unfortunately, tragic figure in Rick James. Besides creating some obscenely danceable funk, James almost single-handedly reversed the fortunes of the legendary Motown label, rescuing the company from financial woes and cultural irrelevance during the late 70s and early 80s. His work, along with songs by several other of the label's flagship artists such as The Jackson 5 and Smokey Robinson, has been deftly re-imagined by a slew of today's hottest knob-turners on the new Motown Remixed album. This cut, by Dre and Eminem's go-to man DJ Green Lantern, arguably does for James' original track what James himself did for Motown three decades ago, both preserving and building upon the brand of passionate soul and back-breaking funk that can still rock the house, bricks or no.

If I Know Jah, He's Gonna Love This

Jah In honour of Philabuster's all-cover playlist, I bring you a funky-assed slice of reggae. Featured on the Nice Up The Dance compilation, "If I Know Jah"'s melody line was the basis for Dr. Dre's smash hit "The Next Episode". So, the Dre song is kind of like a cover. Check out the "smoking" original below, and to read a little bit more about Haile Selassie and Rastafarianism, click here

Cover Your Ass

Yup, Philabuster's back with more contrived themes than Bar-Mitzvah season. The new playlist is nothin' but covers. Some are covers of classic tracks, like Secret Machines' tribute to Van Morrison or Ambulance Ltd's homage to the Velvet Underground. On the flip side, we've got bands like TV On The Radio and Hard-Fi givin' props to their modern contemporaries. For a touch of whimsy, there's David Byrne gettin' all up in Whitney Houston. And one of my personal favorites, the enchanting Leslie Feist, performs a cover of her Broken Social Scene posse's moving ballad "Lover's Spit". Click and enjoy, 'Stampers.

Nobody Beats Him. Nobdody.

Crazy Eddie There's a Seinfeld episode where Elaine dates "The Wiz". That's supposed to be a spoof of Jerrry Carroll portraying local electronics spokesman Crazy Eddie . The real Crazy Eddie went to jail. Also, his prices were reported to be insane.

August 5, 2005

The Friday Freakout Done Gone Plum Crazy

Kings of LeonI'll wrap up this week with a country-fried gem from tomorrow night's main event. Kings of Leon's newest stuff demonstrates a remarkable leap forward for the band. The straight-ahead workmanship of their '03 debut is still there, but it's been enhanced with a layer of ornamentation that only comes once a band is really comfortable in its own skin. Bass lines that used sit still now jump where you least expect. Guitars that were content with twangy chords now weave spidery, melodic figures that traverse whole octaves. They've mixed just enough art school into their Allman Brothers to generate a vintage sound with a modern, electric sheen, and one of the best albums of 2005 no doubt.

Of course, sometimes you just want the old straight-ahead stuff.

Concert Update: Tour supporters Secret Machines have pulled out of the Philly show due to personal obligations, so Pepper's Ghost will be filling in. Expect the local band to take the stage first, with Helio Sequence riding bitch and the Kings finally going on at around 10PM. Pepper's Ghost had to pull out of opening for Vertical Horizon at the Borgata to accept this job. Think it was a tough choice?

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BadmintonStamps Requests

Blossom Aaron "Pony" Child. writes in: "I have a few requests. I'm needing some Arcade Fire, anthem style. And does one of you have "Burning Down the House", Talking Heads? And also, I'd love that "All Day I Dream About Sex" hip-hop ditty. I really would." Like my name was Request Fairy, your wish is granted. "Burning Down The House" was the Talking Heads' biggest hit. Recently, David Byrne expressed suspiscion that it was all because of payola, but I think he's crazy with a capital K. Adidas just bought Reebok, and will hopefully change it's name to Adibok. All you indie rockers already know the Arcade Fire. Here's an acoustic version of Magnetic Fields' "Born On A Train" that stereogum posted a few moths ago. I think Pony will appreciate the Springsteen vibe. I really do.

Got requests? Make 'em through e-mail or in the comments sections.

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Weekly Movie Round-Up: More Bad Movies

Broken Flowers: Take Lost in Translation. Mix it with the Lost in Translation Director's Cut. Add a fair helping of Life Aquatic. Sprinkle in the Lost in Translation DVD commentary and simmer 'till bored.
Dukes of Hazard: I'm waiting for the sequel, featuring a souped-up Mercedes with a swastika painted on top.
2046: In the future we haven't managed to kill all the Asians.
Murderball: In the ads for this doc, First Dude says, "I wouldn't piss on Second Dude if he were on fire." You just know that in the end Second Dude catches on fire and First Dude, having learned that our enemies are so often like ourselves, pisses all over him. Predictable hollywood bullshit.
Junebug: Carina Chocano of the LA Times says the filmmakers "hint at long-festering estrangement that provides an ominously percolating undercurrent throughout scenes in the modest but spacious family home." In other news, Carina Chocano is an asshole.
March Of The Penguins: I've heard bad things about March of the Penguins.

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Kings Of Leon Ticket Giveaway @ Philebrity

TicketsDon't just go to the Kings of Leon concert Saturday night. Go for FREE. Head on over to Philebrity and enter yourself in the drawing for one of three pairs of tickets. Then roll on into their official after-party V.I.P. style and laugh at all the payin' suckas.

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OTC Part 2: With A Sousaphone & A Vengeance

Shambling and rambling Olivia Tremor Control brought it mid 90's style last night at the Bowery Ballroom - heavy, sloppy, funny, and generally awesome. They eventually wore me down, but not before they rocked sousaphone-style and reminded me why I love pre-Target sponsored indie rock. Fairly sloppy early, they caught fire on a strong stretch of songs off their second album, Black Foliage, including "I Have Been Floated", which featured that Neutral Milk Hotel dude. This is how I would cast the Olivia Tremor Control movie: Anthony Michael Hall, Eric Stoltz, the "Indian" guy from Short Circuit who married Michelle Pheiffer, Michael Showalter, the guy from Neutral Milk Hotel, a Chinese Baby, and the hottie from Wedding Crashers. In honour of Olivia, here's Guided By Voices with "Exit Flagger".

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And It's A Skynyrd On The (Schuylkill) River!

Philabuster is very excited for this Saturday's line-up at the Electric Factory, and especially for headliners The Kings of Leon. Said Kings are the new southern rock royalty, comprised of three talented brothers and their equally talented cousin. Wilmington, DE six-piece The Spinto Band also has brothers. Two sets of them, in fact. Now, according to the rules of your standard poker game, three-of-a-kind always beats two pair. So in a heads-up hand of band poker (or band strip poker), Kings of Leon would beat Spinto Band. Fortunately, band poker is a fake-as-Coq-Roq game I just made up, and The Spinto Band sounds much more like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah anyway. Droppin' the poker face, showin' some local love, here's a cool Spinto cut.

Wow, totally feeling that song! And it does sound like CYHSY, in the sense that it sounds like David Byrne.

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There Are Two Seasons In Scotland - Winter and July

Billy ConnollyI remember the videogame Myst blowing my mind when I was 12. Beautifully rendered with a mysterious story-line, it became my girlfriendless obsession for months. Now the game seems outdated, but there's still something serene and mystical about the original that I've sorely myst...until now! Thankfully, a faithful reader pointed me in the direction of the one of a kind website for Scottish actor/comedian Billy Connelly (currently starring in The Aristocrats). Over-the-top is an understatement (peep the lizards) and the Myst-esque navigation feels like a cool myst on a Scottish day in July. And speaking of Scots, here's an over-the-top, one of a kind, epic song from Belle and Sebastian that I can't stop listening to (you were expecting a Mystikal song, weren't you?)

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Olivia Tremor Control Post Part 7

Leonard Part 6Leonard Part 6 is probably the worst film ever made, although I do appreciate a sequel to non-existent movies. The film that resembles Leonard most in both plot and failure is Pluto Nash, which stars one-time Cosby nemesis Eddie Murphy. That piece of doodie was made by Ron Underwood, who directed Tremors (but not Tremors 2: Aftershocks). You could say Underwood's a Tremor Controller, just like Olivia Tremor Control, a mid-90s lo-fi psychedelic band that often wrote sequels to their songs. They've reunited and I'm seeing them tomorrow. Here's "California Demise, Part3", which according to iTunes is one of my top ten played songs. One of my favorite bands growing up, they took some seriously good drugs.

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Same Old Same Old

There's very little news to report on today, probably because it's Tuesday. Tuesdays are slow. How slow? So slow that Pitchfork is recycling old album reviews. Well, not just recyling. Apparently, an extra five tracks on an American re-issue requires an extra five paragraphs of verbally-masturbatory drivel. And yet the rating stays exactly the same? You'd think all those words would add up to something, for better or worse, but apparently not. Pitchfork should take a cue from The Autumn Defense, a side project of Wilco-ists John Stirratt and Pat Sansone. Don't try to fill Tuesday with meaningless busy-bodying, just relax and embrace the malaise.

SkinnySlim says: This song reminds me of the music they would play in Woolworth's, in a bad way.

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Almoster Famous

Please read the informative and hilarious interview with Chronikill's Zerox One at Byron Crawford's popular blog. Besides a surprisingly nuanced discussion of regional hip-hop scenes, you get such goodies as "We'll fuck your city's women" and "I call stereotypes tru-isms." Plus there's a very special BadmintonStamps shout-out. Thanks for the plug, 'Rox.

My favorite nugget from this interview: "...once you reach a certain level of success the emphasis is no longer on doing live shows, it's on making studio albums, which is not really the focus of underground acts. There is no pressure to rock the crowd when the crowd is a bunch of 15-year-old white girls from suburbia who wouldnt know a real MC if he dick slapped them."

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Rafael Palmeiro Is A Liar And A Disappointment To The World

I've been inundated with complaints that my last post was "weak". I thought I had explained that I was tired and would post more today. Fucking assholes. Anyway, today it was revealed that baseball legend Rafael Palmeiro was caught taking the steroids, months after he told congress under oath: "I have never used steroids, period." Yet still our President thinks he is innocent. Non-sports fans may remember Palmeiro as the spokesman for Viagra. Steroids have been known to cause shriveled genitalia, so this is no surprise. Still, I can't imagine the combo is recommended.
Notorious B.I.G. - Life After DeathIn fact, wasn't it Biggie who said "Viagra and 'roids don't mix like two dicks and no bitch, end up in some serious shit"? Oh wait, that was "money and blood". Well, whatever, here's one of the best songs of all time.

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Coq Bloq

I have no problem with Burger King reinventing the chicken nugget. I do have problems with their decision to market the snack using painfully long and annoying music videos done by a fake band invented for the ad campaign, a Kiss-meets-Fog Horn Leghorn nightmare provocatively named Coq Roq. Hasn't this company already damaged the national psyche enough by foisting Hootie back into our cultural consciousness? Please BK, just stop with the songwriting, go back to the old french fry recipe, and let us heal. Better yet, just buy a real song like everybody else. Pontiac licenses Razorlight's entreating "Golden Touch" for the new G6 commercial, and it works out just fine.

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Long Wet Weekend = Dry Monday Post

Very tired. Chronikill show was off the hook on Friday. Big shout out to them. A bunch of us went out to my friend's place in Long Island Saturday and had a little overnight party. Big shout out to all of them. We listened to a lot of Matisyahu, a little well placed Doggystyle, and of course some new White Stripes. Here's a particularly raucous (and low-mixed) live version of "My Doorbell", and I promise to post later on today with greater wit.

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